What Is It You Are Missing Now That You will Realize or Regret Later?

Ughh the title! Suggest something else if you read the whole thing!

The notebook from school days

When I was still in school, I used to collect my thoughts or anything I found interesting in a notebook. During the summer holidays, I would sit with my brother as he read through these scribblings. Reviewing those writings later, I would wonder, “Wait, did I really write this? How did I arrive at it?”, which is something that still happens!.

The whole process of having thoughts and putting them in some order to convey something just for myself if not for anyone else feels rewarding.

This writing habit has faded during my four years of college. Even though I did occasionally write, it didn’t bother me much when I didn’t do it regularly.

Pandemic and changes in life

Many of our lives have changed in the past two to three years. Mine has too. But I wouldn’t attribute it all to the pandemic. That’s too much credit for P!

Writing, reading, traveling — these have been interests I held dear for quite a long time. What was different about the past year or two was how thoughts turned into actions.

What triggered these thoughts today?

In one of those moments of nothingness this morning, I asked myself, “what if I wrote regularly when I was in college?”. When I say writing, I don’t necessarily mean on Medium or as a blog. Writing to make stories or to put together thoughts for mental clarity and peace is the objective I seek!

More questions

Before I imagined what that would have been like, a few other questions popped up in my mind:

Why didn’t I write regularly when I was in college?

What if I discovered my interest in storytelling sooner than I did?

What if I knew I could have traveled when I was still studying?

Why did I not have the same interest in photography and what changed it?


The answers to some of these questions were simple — it was either lack of action or an exaggerated assumption of the costs(not just money but time, efforts, energy, etc) involved.

Another important question

The practice of deliberately thinking about what we missed in the past and where we see ourselves in the years ahead is probably over-mentioned. But when you have these realizations yourself, they can act as reminders and guide us better and can lead us to this important question:

What is it I am missing now that I might feel bad about later?

Why are there no chapter numbers?

I don’t remember this happening before. I surely must have read books that didn’t have chapters and I don’t remember that being an inconvenience ever. But it’s different with Before the Coffee Gets Cold.

Before the coffee gets cold

I started reading “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” and to be honest I haven’t enjoyed it much so far. Besides this fact, another hassle is missing chapter numbers. The book has 3 parts and the first part has close to 50 pages.

A chapter marks the beginning of something new or a continuation and its end offers something to look forward to. Not having this structure, the reading experience so far is lacking.

I wonder if I would have felt the same about missing chapters had I found this book interesting..

Now that you have come this far, do you have a better title suggestion?

How did you find this story? Let me know your thoughts.

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Thank you for reading!

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