The Sound Design Course You Missed by TMS Productions and Epidemic Sound!

Hello Sound Design

It has been almost a year since I started to make videos and publish them on Youtube. While I have learned a lot of new things in the process, there is one thing I keep pushing for later — Sound Design!

What is Sound Design

Sound Design is the art of creating, designing and manipulating audio such that it helps to express the thoughts and the stories better and also enhances the visuals. It involves music, dialogue, sound effects, ambiance and other forms of auditory cues. It also includes using silence to convey a different message.

My First Trial

Here is a video I created as part of The Fundamentals of Sound Design class by TMS Productions, sponsored by Epidemic Sound. As part of the assignment, we were asked to submit a 30-sec video with our own sound design.

While this video isn’t perfect, it’s my first attempt at sound design and I had some key lessons from it!

Some introductions first, who is TMS Productions?

You can find their Youtube channel here. I have watched some of their videos even before I got to know about this class and this one below is one of my favorites.

Mitchell Kucher(the M in TMS) is the instructor for this class. While this isn’t a full in-depth class on sound design, Mitchell walked us through the theory, planning and implementation of sound design with easy-to-understand steps.

His breakdown of the sound design of the below video is the best part of the entire class and has helped me understand the theory behind different kinds of sound design like Diegetic and Non-diegetic.

Epidemic Sound

Even if you haven’t heard of Epidemic Sound, you must have at least heard of copyright claims and strikes on Youtube. To avoid such strikes, content creators use online royalty-free music libraries.

Epidemic Sound is one such library where you can find music to fairly use in your videos and I have been using it for many months already.

I use their music not only for the videos I make but it has also become another music streaming service that I enjoy listening to!

The Fundamentals of Sound Design

The class was kick-started on April 23rd with an engaging Zoom call in which around 80 people from different countries joined. The hosts Rafaela and Justin were brilliant and kept us all hooked.

The four days that followed had classes on Sound Design, starting with the theory of it and ending with clear step-by-step instructions on sound design for a bike commercial. Even though this isn’t an in-depth class, the structured and balanced way of covering both the theory and practical walkthrough has immensely helped.


The last two days had no classes and we got the time to finish the 30-second video with sound design. We had our graduation call just a while ago in which 10 video submissions were shortlisted and all of us voted for our favorites.

There were some brilliant submissions that had amazing sound design as well as creative stories, all within the 30 second video! I voted for Andrea Aldea who also happened to be the winner!! Congratulations 👏👏👏

My two biggest takeaways

  1. I finally tried sound design
  2. I realized sound design is more time taking than I thought and even more rewarding in the way it can enhance the story and the video

Thanks to TMS, Epidemic Sound, Rafaela, Justin and other Nas Academy facilitators!

How did you find this story? Let me know your thoughts.

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Thank you for reading!

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Following my thoughts to find the stories that are waiting to be told!

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Brooding Brook

Following my thoughts to find the stories that are waiting to be told!

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